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EASA Initial /Renewal of Medical Certificate for Cabin Crew. 

If you hold an EASA Cabin Crew Licence you licence will be valid only if you hold an EASA cabin crew report 


We offer initial and revalidation / renewal medicals including any required routine tests.

If your current/prospective employer has any specific requirements for the medical please contact us before booking to discuss these (including the use of specific examination or reporting forms).

The examination will normally take 30-45 minutes

What to expect at your medical examination

The cabin crew medical is  thorough and your initial exam will include some or all of the following:

    • Review of your medical history including family history, results of previous any examinations and whether you have ever been classed unfit

    • Physical examination

    • Eyesight check including visual acuity, fields and colour vision

    • Conversational hearing test

    • Urine test for blood, sugars and protein

    • Electrocardiogram (ECG) 

    • Lung function,

    • Haemoglobin

    • Cholesterol blood tests (only if clinically indicated)

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