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About   AeMC

 Founded in 2017, the  Cyprus Aeromedical Centre is  located  in Nicosia, Cyprus and its housed at the University of Nicosia Medical Centre.It offers Initial EASA Class 1 and 3 Medical Certificates.

Its AMEs are also authorised to perform: 

  • Revalidation/ Renewal of EASA Class 1,

  • Initial and Revalidation/ Renewal of EASA Class2 and 3

  • Initial and Revalidation/Renewal of EASA Cabin Crew Report 


CY AeMC has a vision to act as: 

  • a top facility on Aviation Medicine in Cyprus offering medical certifications, 

  • the referral point for aviation medicine for local airlines and aviation schools 

  • the referral point for questions regarding aviation medicine and human factors in aviation

  • the basis of research in aviation medicine in Cyprus

  • the common ground for discussion and training of all AMEs in Cyprus

  • the facility for GP services for airline and airport employees. 


CY AeMC shall use its best endeavours to establish good cooperation arrangements with other relevant organisations to ensure the continuous and strict compliance with its above mentioned scope.

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